Thursday, January 19, 2012

last year trip.

1. Durians, only 5000 Rupiah

2. Gudeg "ASELI" Purwokerto

3. Baturaden

4. Dapur gudeg "ASELI"

5. Sunset on the way

6. Baturaden

Good evening ..

My fault. I plead guilty. I rarely post this month.
pulled my hair * LOL

I want to tell you about my trip late last year.
I flew from Jakarta, landing in Jogja, drive to Kebumen, Gombong, ate duriana in purworejo, ate soto-bakso in purwokerto, bought batik Banyumasan, ate rambutan rapiah, ate Gudeg in the kitchen of the manufacturer directly, bought telorasin in place of manufacture, went to hot spring baths in Baturaden, back to Jogja, and shopping at the Pasar Bringharjo
do not have time to eat pecel, unfortunately .. I have to boarding before lunch),
and fly
back to Jakarta from Jogja.

Awesome trip.

wish you were here.

a lotta love,

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