Tuesday, October 18, 2011

feeling blue

salut cher amies..

this me, come and try to tell you about how to pass this 'feeling blue' virus..
for confidential reason,i'll not tell you why i feel blue,its bad. really.
its all about my fault, too sensitive and fragile.
i am not that strong,ok? i'm not superwomen either.
this feeling blue started when i feel everythings is not in the seat. feeling blue virus drive me crazy! i just wanna speak up and turning the tables..
but nowdays, today..i'm not that girl anymore. i have face it!
me, more mature and calm down. i have plan, and i'm not hurry to take a act..
today, real today i mean.. i just angry,in my mind and then set up myself.. just take above 15minutes to do this methode anyway hehe lol

i can type anymore in this blogpost,i have to read ajahn brahm books now.. :)

stop spread feeling blue virus!

a lotta love,

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