Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Good Morning Lovers ..
have breakfast?

This morning I want to tell about my experience last week, I get an invitation interviews and psychological tests at one company.
The company is in the field of logistics. This company has a vision: "To be The Most Excellent Integrated Total Logistics Provider in Asia and the Preferred Choice to The Stake Holder."
The company was named P.T Puninar Jaya ( <--- just click to visit the company ). PT. Puninar Jaya as the logistics solution developers having its Head Office in Jakarta.

What makes me so excited about join in this company is, I want to work in the field, I want to keep moving, I want to develop my own potential, I want to meet with many people who have a lot of knowledge, I was young and I have to be independent.
I feel challenged to work in Borneo.

First time seeing this company, I was shocked. Immense.. I saw a hundreds of containers are arranged neatly, towering. The longer the note, so it resembles a stack of Lego (
the toy building brick). With a different colors. Then there trailer around, I felt very small. (Can you imagine it? My body which is only 159 cm and 45 kg, was in that place, feels like unyil). LOL hahahaa :D

Sorry guys, I did not get to take photos while there. I only got to take a photo when i finish the interview, because Putry and me back to home by ride a public transportation and becak. Yes, Becak.
Exclaimed at the same time very thrilling. Becak have to fight over the road with the trailer..

You go becak! :D

I would like to thanks, to my best friend who faithfully accompanied, Putry Rahayu, also the family ( Pa De and Bu de).

a lotta love,

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