Wednesday, April 27, 2011

going slowly

Going Slowly

Good day lovers, who are moving and keep trying .. This afternoon, I want to convey that no matter how slow we move into a better direction, the important thing is we still try and move. Most importantly we are never afraid to move and try to better direction. Do not let our enthusiasm for the move and trying to quit for the better. Do not pause for a moment. The road was too steep winding. The road may be steep and sharp gravel. The road can be full of thorns and verbal abuse. But we must never stop moving and trying, though with slow and staggered. Do not be afraid to keep moving and trying. Focus your energy, focus on prayer, concentrate and focus the spirit of hope in our step. Do not stop moving and trying to better direction, do not stop even briefly. We should be proud because we have been and are still moving and trying to better direction. Be not Afraid of going Slowly, be Afraid only of standing still .


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