Thursday, December 16, 2010



Maybe, you never cared. Never believe. Never understood. Never learned. Never tried. It never relents. Never thought of. Never fully. Not ever. Is there I was in your heart? Have you ever tried to treat me, like I wanted? We never cared. Not really believe. Let alone understand. Not willing to learn. Reluctant to try. Worried relented. We do not think. Not entirely. We're too busy running this relationship according to the values, according to what is good according to others, in accordance with the standards of others. Not us. Should we belatedly realized, that we should do is to live it with sincerity? It's December, and like three years ago. Feels lonely.

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Wawan said...

Or maybe i'm just not good enough for you. Maybe i'm just not as you thought i was. Not worth to stand beside you. Don't know what gonna happened forward, just wishing all the best for you my dear..