Monday, May 24, 2010

at your side

..tapi telah menempuh separuh jalan itu tidak sama dengan mengambil jalan yang salah.

At Your Side
when the daylight's gone. And you're on your own. And you need a friend. Just to be around.
I'll comfort you. I will take your hand. And i'll pull you through. I will understand.
And you know that.. I'll be at your side. There's no need to worry. Together we'll survive. Through the haste and hurry. I'll be at your side.
If life's standing still. And your soul's confused. And you cannot find. What road to choose.
If you make mistakes. You can't let me down. I will still believe. I will turn around..
And you know that, i'll be at your side. If you feel like you're alone. You've got somewhere to go. Cos i'm right there..

( The Corrs- At Your Side)

This song,for Ibu and Adik.. Mercusuar ku, yang tak goyah walau langit bergemuruh. Spektrum impian ku, yang pancarkan semangat bahwa masa depan itu tak akan pernah hilang.

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